Glimpses – The Inhabitants of Temengor Rainforest Reserve


This is a Coffee Table Book of The 2nd Temengor Scientific Expedition organised by Pulau Banding Foundation.

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The 2nd Scientific Expedition carried out in Temengor and within the Sg. Enam Basin produced this picturesque book. The book aims to provide a journey through the flora, fauna, and the Orang Asli who live in and use this basin. The book also depicts a few snapshots of the expedition team and their activities. It focuses only on high quality pictures taken during the expedition and some follow-up photo sessions, avoiding voluminous write-ups.

The book divides into four parts. The first part highlights the expedition and includes a map of the venue. The second part features the Orang Asli and their routines. The third part focuses on the flora, while the fourth part looks at the fauna. All new records of species found have a tag to their respective photos to show their status.

When possible, the book provides both local and scientific names of the species to help newcomers know the names of the species found within this forest. We hope this book will also be helpful to students who go into this forest during the Green Ranger Malaysia camps to identify the specimens they collect during their explorations.

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